Japanese gardens are spaces that entice the eye and release the mind.

Eastern Aspect Landscapes is a landscape business based on the Gold Coast in Queensland and has over 20 years experience in the design, creation and maintenance of Japanese inspired gardens. We  provide a comprehensive landscape design, construction and maintenance service encompassing all garden styles and landscape features.

The Japanese-inspired gardens are quite popular these days. Mostly because they express peace and harmony through the art of landscaping. Their unique look reflects energy and tranquility that positively affects the human mind.

To maintain their leading position in the creation and design of Japanese gardens, our designer has returned annually to Japan to update themselves with the latest in creative expressions of these amazing gardens.

Whilst we construct all styles of garden landscapes we specialise in the design and construction of Japanese gardens, and have built and maintained a strong reputation in this area by delivering excellent service and quality workmanship.

Whether you are creating a traditional Japanese Zen garden or putting a modern twist on an ancient garden you have seen in Japan, we will be able to offer advice

Japanese Garden

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Japanese Garden Design

Our experience with design of Japanese gardens and their construction is over 20 years and have a wealth of knowledge on Japanese-style gardens.

Whether you are creating a traditional Japanese Zen garden or putting a modern twist on an ancient garden you have seen in Japan, we will be able to offer advice

To ensure that your Japanese garden reflects your needs we focus on four main ingredients …
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Japanese Water Garden

After your Japanese dream garden is fully realized, it would be an honor for us to maintain the garden for you as well. A Japanese garden is always growing.

To maintain the harmony of your garden space, we have short or long term schedules; programmed maintenance; repair of irrigation , paving and retaining walls; maintenance of water features and gardens.

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Japanese GArden Ornaments

Transform your outdoor space into a serene and tranquil garden with this handpicked selection of Japanese garden ornaments.

Japanese garden ornaments come in a range of styles. They are also available in a range of materials, from concrete replicas to more original granite types

We source and supply upon request an extensive range of Japanese garden ornaments such as Buddha statues, wind chimes …

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Japanese Gardens

The flow and balance of a Japanese garden is a powerful influence that can take the mind away from the cares of the day and infuse it with a sense of peace.

(1) Strolling Japanese gardens … view the Kenroku-en Gardens … Click Here

Japanese Kenroku GArdens

(2) Dry Japanese gardens … view the Ginkakuji Gardens … Click Here

Japanese Ginkakuji Gardens

(3) Water feature Japanese gardens … view the Rikugien Gardens Tokyo … Click Here

Japanese Rikugien Gardens